The year was 1979 and the inflation rate in the US was 11.2%. The average income per year was $17,500. A gallon of gas cost 86 cents.

James Zacharias had been seriously injured in a career-ending construction accident and chose to work for an assessment company rather than retire on disability. While learning the business, James discovered innovations that he felt could revolutionize the industry and decided to start his own business, Action Appraisers & Consultants Inc. A fellow-employee came with Jim as his office staff.

Jim and his staff worked out of a small room at the back of Jim and Carla’s home. They had help from Jim’s son, Tod and then Troy to do fieldwork. By 1987, the business had grown and moved into larger quarters.

“My father chose to start a business rather than retire, and he built the business on personal relationships, honesty, and integrity,'' says Troy. “Assessments are the largest revenue stream for any municipality and one of the largest expenditures for property owners. My father gained the respect of both.”

In 1994, Jim was diagnosed with cancer. Nevertheless, Jim continued on with increasing involvement of son Troy and Troy’s wife, Amy. After Jim’s passing in 1998, Troy and Amy realized that in order for the business to continue to grow, they needed to move forward and innovate. Modern technology was the answer. They invested in one of the first Assessment Software Programs, and in 2008, expanded the business to leased office space. In 2018, they purchased their first office space at 117 W. 3rd Street in Kaukauna with the intention that one day their son Zack will take over. Troy and Amy and their team continue to innovate and have successfully grown Action Appraisers & Consultants into a state-of-the-art assessment service.

Amy notes, “We put the needs of our clients and taxpayers ahead of our own and use the most up-to-date technology to provide efficient, equitable, and accurate assessments.”