1. Discuss questions or concerns with the assessor at the Open Book, OB, meeting or if unable to attend the Open Book meeting call the assessor.

  2. The Open Book is a time when the assessment roll is open for view and an assessor Is available to discuss your property value. The assessor may make value changes at this time, if appropriate.

  3. If after meeting with the assessor at the OB, you still feel your value is incorrect you may attend the Board of Review.

  4. The Board of Review, BOR, is a quasi-judicial body whose duty is to correct errors in assessment. The BOR is bound to accept the assessors’ value as true and correct unless competent testimony is presented to prove otherwise.

  5. Contact with clerk at least 48 hours before the BOR with a written or oral notice of intent to file an objection.

  6. File the Objection to Real Property Assessment form with the clerk.

  7. A completed form must be filed with the clerk or the BOR may refuse your appeal.

  8. Under state law, (sec. 70.47(8)(i), Wis, Stats.) the assessor is presumed correct. It is your responsibility to provide evidence to support your opinion of value.

  9. See the 2020 Property Assessment Appeal Guide for Wisconsin Real Property Owners for more complete details concerning the appeal process.